Saturday, June 19, 2010

Darcey+Andy - Pretty in Pink (and green)

There are way too many wonderful things to say about Darcey - Every time I see her she is infectiously bubbly and happy. There is no wonder she had 550 guests wanting to see her and her new hubby Andy get married! My favorite part of Darcey's wedding (besides her gorgeous dress, hairpin and of course the flowers :) was having the honor of witnessing an amazing moment before the guests started to arrive. Andy was turned away at the altar and Darcey walked into the sanctuary...and then they closed the doors! So, no, I didn't get to witness this magic moment but what was so awesome was seeing Darcey's bridesmaids peer into the sanctuary windows to get a peek at the first time Andy saw Darcey in her wedding dress. It was apparent what was going on in the sanctuary by the rounds of "awww's" and happy tears from Darcey's closest friends. You could just see how much hey loved Darcey and how much they loved seeing her marry her soul mate.

Is this getting too mushy?? I had a goofy smile on my face for a good half hour after that - Like I said, Darcey = infectious happiness! The flowers are a whole other thing - I am super excited to post some photos! My husband wasn't with me to get some with his prof camera...So the point and shoot had to do.
I was channeling Jeff Leatham. I can't wait to make some like it again!
The guests tossed pink and white petals from vintage inspired garden baskets as the couple left the reception.
Beautiful cake by Phyllis Hildebrant. I have countless couples tell me how amazingly delicious her cakes are!

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