Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to : Magazine worthy wedding on a budget

1. Is there a centerpiece you have in mind that you just know you would never be able to afford to put on every table? Let's face it, for most couple's huge centerpieces featuring countless stems of orchids or peony's at a 300 guest wedding is a fantasy. A fantastic way to have wedding flowers of your dreams is to do just a couple of your larger fantasy arrangements featured at key tables in the room. These are called "statement pieces". This will give you the wow-factor without going to the poor house. The remaining guest tables can feature a smaller version that reflects the style of the larger pieces, but is far less in cost.

2. Unique table arrangements like several long banquet tables together or several different sizes and shapes of tables will help set your wedding apart. Recently we designed flowers for a bride that had one continuous table in the shape of a "C". It was fabulous and I know her guests were all saying "Wow!!".

3. Another low cost but high impact item is colored linens and table runners. These can play a key role in adding color to your venue and help give your wedding a more cohesive look.

Do you have some tips for Bride's like yourself that are looking to create a magazine worthy wedding? Have questions you would like us to answer? Let us know! or on Facebook

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